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Airtel Nigeria Successfully Concludes First Batch of 2023 Staff Promotion Scheme

Airtel Nigeria, a prominent telecommunications service provider, has proudly announced the successful conclusion of its employee promotion cycle for the financial year 2022/2023. The promotions, effective from April 1, 2023, encompass all six regions of the company’s operations in the country, signifying a significant achievement in recognizing and rewarding the exceptional contributions of its workforce.

As a frontrunner in the Nigerian telecommunications industry, Airtel Nigeria places great emphasis on its employees’ career growth and fulfillment. The company has cultivated a culture of consistently acknowledging and rewarding high-performing staff while fostering an enabling environment for skill development and collaboration to deliver outstanding services to customers.

Promotions at Airtel Nigeria occur twice yearly, in July and December. In the first batch of elevations in 2023, over 20 employees were promoted to senior leadership positions, including three women who achieved remarkable milestones. Additionally, one staff member was elevated to the position of vice president.

Chief Executive Officer of Airtel Nigeria, Carl Cruz, expressed excitement at witnessing the growth of employees and their integral role in the organization’s progress. He emphasized that Airtel Nigeria is committed to implementing global best practices and recognizing employees who exemplify the company’s core values of excellence.

Adebimpe Ayo-Elias, Director of Human Resources & Administration, highlighted that the promoted employees consistently surpassed expectations in their respective roles, delivering exceptional value to the organization. Airtel Nigeria reaffirms its dedication to recognizing and appreciating top performers as more opportunities arise.

The promotion cycles serve as a testament to Airtel Nigeria’s commitment to fostering a culture of meritocracy, enabling the company to motivate and encourage its employees to continue delivering outstanding results and contributing to overall success.

Airtel Nigeria’s commitment to gender equality and women empowerment was also recently recognized at the Nigeria2Equal Gender Leaders Awards, where the International Finance Corporation (IFC) commended the company’s outstanding initiatives in this area.

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