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The telecom behemoth Airtel Africa has launched a campaign with the theme "A Reason to Imagine" to encourage young people's imagination, foster a stronger emotional bond, and increase younger market churn, which makes up a bigger portion of the population in countries like Nigeria.

The campaign is fueled by the understanding that in Africa, imagination is the ultimate qualification, and it showcases how Airtel Africa plays a crucial role in unleashing this potential by providing meaningful solutions that promote digital and financial inclusivity among consumers.

The ‘A Reason to Imagine’ campaign puts the spotlight on Airtel’s position as a catalyst for the aspirations and dreams of young individuals, regardless of their nature. Its purpose is to celebrate the vibrancy, ingenuity, and inventive spirit of Nigerian youth, acknowledging their energy, creativity, and innovation. Through this campaign, Airtel Africa aims to inspire and empower the younger generation, demonstrating that their dreams are within reach with the right tools and support.

Speaking at the launch, Airtel Nigeria’s Chief Executive Officer, Carl Cruz, noted that “Africa’s young people are now, more than ever, owning their passions boldly, chasing their dreams with all their heart, and living life on their terms. At Airtel, we see this growth as a beautiful thing.

“This is why our new brand purpose represents our commitment to the future. It is about youth, about excitement, about fun, and most of all, about imagination,” he added.

Airtel Africa’s Group Chief Commercial Officer, Anthony Shiner, added: “It’s a well-understood fact that youth are central to achieving Africa’s potential. More than 60% of Africa’s population is under the age of 25, and empowering this new generation is transformative for the future of the continent.

“Through this campaign, we are reaffirming Airtel Africa’s commitment to advancing the progress of Africa’s young people by providing the connectivity to turn every situation into an opportunity.”

The ‘Reason to Imagine’ brand campaign marks Airtel Africa’s most ambitious undertaking to date. It encompasses a captivating series of television commercials and a blend of print, online, outdoor, and mobile creative executions tailored to specific markets.

Airtel Africa’s current title sponsorship of The Voice Africa exemplifies how the company is providing the youth with a reason to imagine by collaborating with The Voice to bring the show to the continent. The Voice Africa serves as a platform to showcase exceptional African musical talent, featuring a distinguished panel of coaches and TV hosts. Among the carefully selected 100 talents, one will ultimately be crowned ‘The Voice Africa’ in a captivating live show that is currently being broadcasted on free-to-air TV stations across the continent and Airtel TV. This initiative represents one of Airtel Africa’s investments aimed at nurturing and promoting youthful talent and expertise in the realms of education, sports, and innovation.

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