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JCI Lagos Coral Marks One Year of Promoting Youth Leadership

In a year marked by remarkable achievements and industry recognition, Junior Chamber International (JCI) Lagos Coral celebrates its significant contributions to community development and the cultivation of emerging leaders within the organization.

Led by President Idaraesit Michael and the exceptional Board, the organization has successfully fulfilled its mandate, bringing about positive change and sustainable growth. Michael highlighted the organization’s accomplishments, noting that JCI Lagos Coral received numerous prestigious awards in acknowledgment of its commitment to excellence and impactful endeavors both locally and globally.

These accolades were earned at various events, including the Southern Conference, JCI Nigeria National Convention, JCI Nigeria Southwest Training Retreat, JCI Africa & Middle East Convention (AMEC) in Zimbabwe, and the JCI World Congress in Switzerland.

“The organization proudly secured eleven esteemed awards, highlighting exceptional performance and contributions across diverse areas,” Michael explained.

The Southern Conference proved to be particularly successful for JCI Lagos Coral, securing three coveted awards, including the Best Local Inter-Organization Collaboration Project for the groundbreaking JCI Career Weekend Program.

Recognition for achieving the highest delegates at the JCI Nigeria Southern Conference showcased the organization’s active involvement within the JCI community. Additionally, Temitope Ojo was honored with the Most Outstanding Member award, emphasizing the organization’s commitment to nurturing exceptional talent and leadership.

At the National Convention, JCI Lagos Coral continued its streak of success, claiming three prestigious accolades that underscored its operational excellence and impactful initiatives.

The JCI 100% Efficiency Award highlighted the organization’s commitment to maintaining exceptional performance standards. Idara Michael was recognized twice as the Most Outstanding Local Organization President, emphasizing her exemplary leadership guiding JCI Lagos Coral to greater heights. The organization also received two awards as the Most Outstanding Local Organization, reinforcing its holistic approach to community development.

Internationally, the JCI Nigeria Creative Young Entrepreneur Program received the prestigious Best National Flagship Program award at the JCI African and Middle East Conference (AMEC) 2023. This recognition affirmed JCI Lagos Coral’s commitment to promoting entrepreneurship and empowering young leaders to drive economic development and innovation in the region.

As JCI Lagos Coral continues its mission to empower young leaders and foster positive change, the organization remains dedicated to advancing impactful initiatives, driving sustainable development, and nurturing future leaders in the community and beyond.

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