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Coronation Group Attracts Investors during London Showcase

Coronation Group, an investment management firm, has announced its participation as the lead sponsor in the Grand Procession of the Lord Mayor’s Show in London, with the aim of attracting investors to the country.

In a statement released on Tuesday, Coronation Group highlighted its involvement in the historic Grand Procession, marking the first time Africa has been part of the 805-year parade. The event coincided with the induction of the newly-appointed Lord Mayor, Michael Mainelli.

Coronation Group emphasized that the inclusion of African countries in the parade was a strategic move to foster global exchange. Alongside Coronation Group, other participating countries included China, Italy, Hong Kong, Switzerland, and Nigeria, represented by Lagos State.

A joint delegation from Lagos State and EnterpriseNGR, led by Governor Babajide SanwoOlu and co-chaired by Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede, Chairman of EnterpriseNGR and Coronation Group Limited, participated in the parade.

Aig-Imoukhuede, who also serves as the Managing Director of Coronation Asset Management and President of the Fund Managers Association of Nigeria, expressed the group’s honor to be part of the diverse cultural showcase that reflects centuries of collective efforts in commerce, communities, and charities. He stated, “Through our collaboration with Lagos State and EnterpriseNGR, we are proud to showcase our vibrant Nigerian culture that exudes intellectual depth, passion, ambition, and the strength of enterprise.”

The Grand Procession, spanning two miles, featured the Lagos team showcasing ‘Eyo’ masquerades, playing Afrobeats music, and a parade float displaying Lagos’ advancements in the transportation sector. The float depicted a fusion of the Lagos Blue Line, ‘Danfo’ buses, ‘Keke,’ and iconic sites such as the Lekki Bridge.

Further events included the Visiting Cities’ Banquet, organized by the City of Zurich, Switzerland, bringing together participating cities, including Lagos. During the banquet, Lord Mayor Michael Mainelli emphasized the importance of building global partnerships for success.

Coronation Group reiterated its commitment to supporting platforms that position Nigeria as Africa’s premier financial market, stating that the Lord Mayor’s Show Parade and Visiting Cities’ Banquet celebrated diversity, trade, and the spirit of global partnership. The group participated in high-profile banquets with distinguished UK VVIP guests, including the Prime Minister and the Archbishop of Canterbury, during the festivities on Monday.

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