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Denmark Joins US, Canada, Others in Banning TikTok from Official Devices

The Danish Defense Ministry has instructed all government employees to remove the well-known Chinese video app as quickly as possible from all work-related devices due to supposed security concerns raised by TikTok.

The ministry’s personnel were given the directive on Monday out of concern about potential espionage because the social networking software “asks for particular permissions and access on the device.”

The European Union Commission, the United States, and Canada all issued similar directions to government personnel on Monday, according to an earlier report.

“The decision has been taken in continuation of the recommendation from the Center for Cyber Security (CFCS) on 24th February 2023,” the Danish ministry said in a statement, adding that “There are weighty security considerations within the defense ministry combined with a very limited work-related need to use the app,” said the ministry in explaining the reason behind the ban.

The ministry stated that all personnel have been informed of the decision and “are instructed to remove TikTok on service phones and other official devices as soon as they have installed it,” if they have.

The Danish parliament warned its members and staff not to use TikTok on work-related devices last month, citing the “danger of espionage”.

Because to purported security concerns and the potential for sharing US citizen data with the Chinese government, the US government is currently taking steps to impose a nationwide ban on the video app.

The claim has been refuted numerous times by TikTok.

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