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FCTA and Firm Collaborate on Carnival to Boost Economic Activities

The Federal Capital Territory Authority (FCTA), in partnership with Platinum X Art and Media Ltd, is gearing up to host the ‘Abuja I Believe Carnival 2023.’ This carnival, according to the convener, Omoefe Tawiyah, who is also the MD/CEO of Platinum X Art and Media Ltd, has multifaceted objectives aimed at promoting peace, reducing crime, eliminating inequality, and creating job opportunities.

Tawiyah emphasized that the carnival’s purpose extends beyond entertainment, as it aspires to leave a lasting positive impact. He stressed the importance of prioritizing mental health and achieving a balance, especially in challenging times.

The event organizers recognize the abundance of talent in Abuja, and local musicians are expected to benefit significantly from the carnival. A dedicated performance area will be set up in the carnival village, where musicians will entertain the audience over four consecutive days. The organizers have also made it known that 80 percent of the performers will be drawn from the pool of talented musicians in the FCT and other parts of Nigeria.

Tawiyah added, “We aim to draw attention to the FCT and make it an attraction for creative and talented individuals who can seize the opportunities presented by the carnival.”

Kayode Aiyegbusi, Acting Director of the Social Development Secretariat, Department of Arts and Culture, FCTA, highlighted the expected positive economic impact of the carnival. He emphasized that the FCT Administration places a high priority on the well-being of its residents and wouldn’t engage in such a partnership without considering the benefits to the community.

Aiyegbusi explained, “Apart from providing empowerment opportunities for the residents, the essence of the carnival is to make it a people-owned event where everyone can derive benefits. Residents, businesses, and communities can all plan and strategize on how to make the most of this carnival.”

He further noted that the carnival is set to become a recurring item in the FCT’s entertainment calendar, with the potential to contribute significantly to tourism and economic growth in the region over the next decade.

Ambassador Joseph Sotomey, Chairman of Advance Group Director, emphasized the importance of developing Nigeria’s tourism sector to create business opportunities. He pointed to examples from around the world, such as Dubai and Brazil, where tourism-related merchandise generates substantial revenue. Sotomey envisioned similar prospects for Nigeria, envisioning a vibrant future for tourism-related businesses.

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