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One of Nigeria’s leading energy drinks, Fearless, recently refreshed consumers at the debut edition of the Association of Bikers and Drifters’ event in Gombe State.

Named ‘Gombe Grand Converge’, this event marked the largest gathering of horses and bikers in the country, aiming to introduce the horse Durbar and Superbike Parade to the people of Nigeria and West Africa. With a strong emphasis on breaking away from the norm and embracing excitement, the event brought together entertainment and sports enthusiasts in one place, promising a unique and enjoyable experience.


The Emir of Gombe, HRM Alhaji Abubakar Shehu Abubakar III, CFR, blessed, supported, and actively participated in the event, earning his commendation. The event was powered by Fearless Energy Drink, under the slogan “Embrace the Thrill,” a brand synonymous with sponsoring thrilling sports activities that encourage consumers to step out of their comfort zone, push their boundaries, be daring, and embrace the exhilarating sensations provided by the brand.

The event featured a range of activities, including bikers and stunts, aerobics, indoor games, motorsports, music performances, fireworks, library commissioning, tree planting, and a courtesy visit to the Emir’s palace. Popular singer Innocent Idibia (2 Baba) also graced the stage with a performance.


During the presentation of the company’s products to the Emir of Gombe, the Fearless Brand Zonal Sales Manager for Rite Foods Limited in the Northern Region, Emmanuel Agboola, highlighted that the leading energy drink aligns with initiatives that promote excellence, fun, and talent by providing the positive energy needed to achieve success. The Emir’s endorsement of the brand further affirmed its distinctiveness and contributed to making the event memorable. Participants and attendees were refreshed with the Fearless brand, which is known for its quality in the energy drink market segment.

Kanyinsola Sangowawa, the Assistant Brand Manager of Fearless Energy Drink, emphasized the company’s commitment to supporting initiatives like the Gombe Grand Converge that align with the brand’s values. She expressed confidence that Fearless Energy Drink would celebrate the event like no other brand could, highlighting the company’s dedication to bringing consumers closer to its unique brands, produced with state-of-the-art facilities and enjoying a significant market share in its sector. The premium position of the Fearless energy drink resonates with the event’s fun, exciting, and energetic nature.

Last year, Fearless sponsored the ‘Fearless Edition’ of Fanfaro Autofest, making it even bigger and more thrilling for car drifters, superbikes, and enthusiasts in the historic city of Ibadan, Oyo State. The event provided a platform for contestants to showcase their talent in car drifting, and Fearless played a crucial role in rejuvenating their courage and determination.

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