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Flutterwave launches Tuition for easy tuition payments



Flutterwave has launched Tuition to help Africans pay several fees to secondary schools, universities, colleges, and other edtech platforms in their local currencies on the continent and abroad.


Currently, the product is only available in Nigeria with over 40 institutions in the UK supported. However, there are plans to expand to schools in other African countries, the UK, US, Canada, France and Germany.

Students, parents, guardians, and sponsors in other African countries should be able to access the product as rollout continues in the coming months.

Parents and guardians can easily track their transactions by checking the status and history on the Tuition web app.

Why does it matter? Africans struggle to ensure that funds are transferred to foreign financial institutions promptly because of the high cost of transactions, limited access to banking services, lack of transparency, security issues, and exchange rate fluctuations.

Flutterwave says Tuition addresses this problem while ensuring that transactions are simple.

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