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Hackapath, a prominent consulting firm specializing in partnership strategies, has unveiled an exciting partnership with The International Trade Centre and The Netherlands Foreign Affairs.

Together, they are set to host a three-day B2B Matchmaking event in Lagos, aptly named “The Deal Room.”

Chinenye Patrick Kalu, the visionary Founder of HackaPath, emphasized the vital role that impactful collaborations play in today’s ever-changing business landscape. She views “The Deal Room,” scheduled to take place from September 25th to 27th at 7A Milverton Ikoyi Lagos, as a catalyst for sustainable growth and innovation.

According to Ms. Kalu, “The Deal Room” transcends industry boundaries and geographical borders, empowering companies to reach unprecedented heights through cross-sectorial B2B matchmaking. She detailed the event’s structure, with the first day being an exclusive closed-door session tailored for Netherland Trust Fund Cohort 5 Companies from Ghana and potential partners in Nigeria. Day two continues with exclusive engagements with Cohort 5 Companies and Partners, while day three opens its doors to the general public and C-level executives from various sectors, inviting them to partake in a day of networking and collaboration.

Ms. Kalu emphasized the significance of this event, stating, “This gathering is more than just a meeting; it’s an opportunity to lay the foundation for enduring partnerships that transcend boundaries and elevate businesses to unparalleled success. In a world saturated with networking events, ‘The Deal Room’ stands apart, as we aim not only to connect professionals but to ignite collaborations that will redefine the business landscape. Our objective is clear and profound: to harness the power of partnerships for market expansion and legacy building.”

Distinguished visionaries like Kolawole Oshinowo, Joy Tim Ayoola, Ogo Ofomata, Frank Atat, and others will share their valuable insights and experiences in forging impactful partnerships that have left an indelible mark on their respective industries.

These thought leaders recognize that in today’s interconnected world, collaboration is not just an option; it is an absolute necessity. The event garners support from key partners such as Dinku Transnational, Happy Coffee, Kora, Wiicreate, Declan Wine, The 288 Co, and Rhivet Networks.

This three-day event promises a unique blend of exclusive closed-door sessions and a dynamic public day, offering an exceptional opportunity for meaningful connections, partnerships, and insights. Do not miss the chance to be part of this transformative experience. Register now at [registration link].

Do not miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to connect, collaborate, and nurture partnerships that will shape the future of your business. Register now and become a part of an event that will leave a lasting legacy.

About Hackapath:

Hackapath is a distinguished partnership consulting and B2B matchmaking firm, committed to assisting businesses in unlocking their full potential through strategic collaborations. With a proven track record of connecting companies across various sectors and continents, Hackapath stands as your trusted partner in achieving remarkable growth and impact.

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