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Heineken is marking its 150th Anniversary Celebration Prioritizing Good Times Over Getting It Right.

Heineken, one of the world’s most recognized beer brands, marks its 150th anniversary with an unconventional celebration.

Heineken, a globally recognized beer brand, is celebrating its 150th anniversary by showcasing the various nicknames, misspellings, and unconventional ways it has been served over the years. This celebration emphasizes the importance of good times and fostering genuine connections over a beer.

The famous words of Freddy Heineken, “I don’t sell beer, I sell gezelligheid,” resonate now more than ever. Gezelligheid refers to the feeling of good times, which has been at the core of the Heineken® brand for the past 150 years. To commemorate this significant milestone, Heineken® is placing a strong emphasis on good times during its global birthday festivities.

During a press conference in Lagos to announce the anniversary plans, Sampson Oloche, Portfolio Manager of Premium, Sessionable & 0.0 Lager at Nigerian Breweries Plc, stated, “As we celebrate our 150th anniversary and our deep connection to Nigeria, we have exciting plans tailored specifically for our Nigerian consumers. We will be organizing events in key cities across the country, where our valued consumers can come together and experience the true essence of gezelligheid. These celebrations will showcase the vibrancy of Nigerian culture, featuring live music, entertainment, and unforgettable moments that capture the spirit of Heineken.”

But that’s not all. In recognition of the loyal consumers, media partners, distributors, and retailers who have played a crucial role in Heineken’s journey, the company is planning substantial rewards. They want to express their gratitude and celebrate their supporters by offering exclusive experiences, exciting prizes, and special recognition for their contributions to Heineken’s success.

Over the 150 years of Heineken’s existence, good times have evolved and will continue to do so. However, their significance in people’s lives remains unchanged. Acknowledging this, as part of the anniversary celebration, Heineken® has collaborated with academics to gain a better understanding of the elements required to deliver the feeling of “good times” in the modern world—an aspect surprisingly underexplored.

This marks a pivotal moment in the brand’s history as Heineken decides to redefine how it measures success. They will not only focus on the volume of beer sold but also on the good times they provide for their customers across more than 190 countries.

Hans Essaadi, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Nigerian Breweries Plc, stated, “As we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Heineken brand, we remain dedicated to strengthening our presence in Nigeria and continuing our journey of promoting positive change. We are excited to build on our legacy and create more opportunities for growth, collaboration, and shared moments of joy with Nigerians. To show our appreciation to our loyal fans and consumers in Nigeria, we will unveil a series of anniversary celebrations starting in July 2023. These events will exemplify our commitment to spreading the spirit of good times and embracing the gezelligheid lifestyle that Heineken represents!”

To bring the brand’s commitment to good times to life, the anniversary’s light-hearted above-the-line (ATL) campaign takes viewers on a global journey, showcasing the various ways people adapt and enjoy social moments and memories with Heineken. This includes instances such as a misspelled tattoo of the logo or a Heineken Original being served with a lime, straw, and ice. The video humorously celebrates the good times Heineken provides, even if consumers spell or enjoy it in ways that may not be entirely correct or as originally intended.

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