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inDrive invests over N70m to boost driver safety in Nigeria

Demonstrating its firm commitment to elevating urban mobility safety standards in Nigeria, inDrive has invested over N70million naira to boost driver safety.

Dedicated funds have been set aside for the specific purpose of providing safety helmets and jackets to inDrive’s drivers, with the primary objective of enhancing the safety of both drivers and their passengers during commutes.

The driver community has welcomed this initiative with immense gratitude. Many have expressed their appreciation for this forward-thinking effort, emphasizing that such measures not only enhance their own safety but also contribute to building greater trust among all stakeholders.

This initiative is just one component of inDrive’s broader strategy, which includes the launch of its Safety Pact. This pact is not just a symbolic gesture of inDrive’s commitment to safety but serves as a comprehensive guide for both passengers and drivers. Through the Safety Pact, inDrive actively promotes and encourages safe behaviors among its users.

The Safety Pact has a dual purpose. It introduces specific features that users can utilize to ensure a safer ride-hailing experience. Additionally, it provides a wide range of safety recommendations along with a code of conduct. This ensures that every trip taken through the inDrive platform is not only enjoyable but also firmly adheres to the highest safety standards.

Oladimeji Timothy, inDrive’s Business Representative in Nigeria, noted, “The allocation of funds for safety gear and the introduction of the Safety Pact underscore our unwavering commitment. We encourage all passengers and drivers to embrace this pact, fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect and prioritizing safety on every journey.”

In an ever-evolving urban transportation landscape in Nigeria, inDrive consistently takes the lead with initiatives that prioritize the safety of its users. The company remains resolute in its mission to enhance the ride-hailing experience, making it safer, more efficient, and accessible to all in Nigeria and beyond.

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