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Leaders to Explore the Impact of Diverse Perspectives in Driving Innovation in Insurance

Experts will delve into the crucial role of diverse perspectives in fostering innovation within the insurance industry in an upcoming event. The forum, titled “Driving Innovation in Insurance,” is organized by Dive In, a global celebration of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) in the insurance sector. The event will bring together influential figures from both the insurance industry and the DE&I domain.

The event, scheduled for September 26, will focus on advocating for inclusive workplace environments that actively embrace diverse viewpoints, ultimately propelling innovation. Facilitating the Dive In 2023 virtual event in Nigeria will be Temi Badru, a renowned Pan-African conference moderator, LinkedIn top voice awardee, lawyer, and accomplished public speaker.

Richard Leftley, a prominent figure in the digital insurance landscape and the Founder and CEO of MicroEnsure, will take center stage as the keynote speaker. Fortunate Anozie, the founder of Unyte Africa and a notable figure in the insuretech industry, will lead one of the two breakout sessions for Dive In Nigeria, as stated in the announcement.

Adebowale Banjo, the driven CEO of MyCover.ai, who is dedicated to overcoming challenges facing the Nigerian insurance industry, including low product penetration and indifference among Nigerians towards insurance, will also be part of the conversation.

Commenting on the expectations for this year’s festival, keynote speaker Richard Leftley remarked, “The insurance industry is evolving rapidly, driven by innovative ideas and technology. We’ve transitioned from traditional insurance models to today’s accessible and inclusive approaches. However, the question remains: Are insurance organizations effectively embracing diverse perspectives and fostering inclusive collaboration for ongoing innovation? This discussion at Dive In Festival 2023 is both relevant and timely, and I eagerly anticipate sharing insights from MicroEnsure and other global insurance entities.”

Fortunate Anozie, Co-founder and CEO of Unyte Africa, underscored the festival’s role in promoting diverse perspectives and innovation. She expressed, “As discussions center around intersecting viewpoints and innovation, the 2023 Dive In Festival in Nigeria serves as the ideal platform to advocate for employers to harness diverse perspectives to drive innovation and inclusion. I am excited to share my experiences and insights on advancing innovation and developing groundbreaking insurance solutions through diverse perspectives.”

The overarching mission of the Dive In Festival remains constant: to catalyze a meaningful movement and inspire positive change within the insurance industry.

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