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Legal Troubles Hit Ibadan Golf Club: Members Take Action Against Lady Captain

The Lady Captain of the prestigious Ibadan Golf Club (IGC), Mrs. Dorcas Oluwatunmise, is facing a legal battle as she has been taken to court by a member of the club, Comrade Bayo Titilayo Sodo. The lawsuit, with suit number I/28/24, has been filed at the High Court of Justice Ring Road, Ibadan, and demands a sum of ten million naira for defamation.

The case stems from an incident that occurred during a Thursday Club’s kitty on October 12th, 2023. Mrs. Oluwatunmise alleged an alteration in a golf scorecard, prompting the Club’s leadership to order an inquiry. The disciplinary committee is currently deliberating on the matter, leading to a vote of no confidence from the Lady Captain, who insisted that Comrade Bayo Titilayo Sodo should not be involved in the case. This action led to him pressing charges against her.

In addition to the defamation case, Mrs. Oluwatunmise is facing other serious allegations from the Ladies Section of the Ibadan Golf Club. The Ladies claim that she has multiple identities, with conflicting names that do not match her official documents. Furthermore, she has been accused of misappropriating funds from the section and using her account to solicit money for undisclosed projects, against the club’s principles.

A reliable source and a strong member of the club confirmed and expressed disappointment in the Lady Captain’s behaviours, including instances of shoplifting glass cups, beer bottles, and tissue papers.

“These allegations have caused a divide within the Ladies Section, with several members calling for Mrs. Oluwatunmise’s resignation to safeguard the club’s reputation”.

The Lady Captain, upon being contacted, assured the writer that she would provide her reactions shortly. However, as this report is being filed, she has not fulfilled her promise.

 This development has caused significant interest and speculation within the golfing community, particularly among the members of the Ibadan Golf Club. In fact, ever since the court summons was served to the Lady Captain on Wednesday, the incident has sparked a range of conflicting opinions and emotions within the golfing circle. Members are eager to witness how the Lady Captain will ultimately address the matter and handle its consequences. The anticipation mounts as the club eagerly awaits her response, hoping for a resolution that will lay to rest any concerns or doubts surrounding the issue.

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