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NUPRC grants RusselSmith license for 3D solution

The Nigerian Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Commission, headed by Gbenga Komolafe, has authorized RusselSmith to implement its industrial non-metallic additive manufacturing technology within the Nigerian oil and gas sector.

In an announcement from RusselSmith, the additive manufacturing method employs advanced 3D printing techniques to locally create fully functional industrial components that are resistant to corrosion.

As per the company, this solution offers notable benefits in terms of time and cost savings, alongside a substantial reduction in carbon footprint for companies, while simultaneously enhancing operational efficiency.

Collaborating with Roboze, RusselSmith stated that this manufacturing solution not only addresses prevailing supply chain difficulties in the area but also aims to promote advanced manufacturing in Nigeria through technological innovation, by digitizing the supply chain and leveraging additive manufacturing technology to streamline production processes.

Expressing his views on the approval, Kayode Adeleke, CEO of RusselSmith, referred to the new solution as a significant achievement in the Nigerian energy sector.

“We are enthusiastic about pioneering the field of industrial 3D manufacturing. Additionally, we take pride in the NUPRC’s display of its role in the industry, not solely as a regulator but also as a facilitator of business in Nigeria. Our aim is to establish the groundwork for a digital supply chain across Africa, and this is just the initial step. With this approval, our non-metallic additive manufacturing solution is now operational and ready to cater to the requirements of the Nigerian market,” he remarked.

Adeleke also mentioned that RusselSmith’s additive manufacturing technique utilizes high-performance materials like super polymers and composites to produce finished parts that are highly resistant to material degradation and corrosion. Super polymers are considered ideal for various applications due to their ability to withstand extreme conditions without compromising their functionality and desirable characteristics.

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