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Optiva Capital Facilitates Access To Global Investment Opportunities

Investment Firm, Optiva Capital Partners, Aims to Enhance Global Investment Opportunities for Nigerians

According to a statement issued by the Group Head of Corporate Communications, Sola Longe-Okenimkpe, Optiva Capital Partners’ Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Jane Kimemia, has expressed the firm’s dedication to expanding international investment opportunities for Nigerians.

Kimemia emphasized the growing interest among savvy Nigerian investors in investment immigration, second citizenship, or permanent residency, recognizing the advantages they offer in accessing global prospects. She noted, “Our clients, who are established business owners and executives, are seeking global connectivity and recognition. At Optiva Capital Partners, we are assisting our clients in saving on expenses they would have incurred otherwise.”

Highlighting Nigerians’ proclivity for global exploration, Kimemia pointed out that they seek international prospects to fulfill their children’s education and healthcare needs, as well as to access additional markets and economies to expand their businesses. She explained that through second citizenship, Optiva Capital assists interested Nigerians in saving scarce foreign exchange, as they pay a fraction of what non-citizens pay for various social benefits, including education, healthcare, and property.

Kimemia emphasized that obtaining second citizenship through Citizenship By Immigration or other government-designated investment programs not only provides global access but also opportunities for investments and savings. She further mentioned that the firm’s investment immigration services primarily target High Networth Individuals, offering a pathway for clients to safeguard, expand, enhance, and diversify their wealth, particularly concerning their children’s education and future prospects.

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