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Rite Foods Limited won three notable awards at the 2023 BrandXchange Consumers Value Awards, an event dedicated to celebrating brand excellence.

Rite Foods Limited achieved significant recognition at the 2023 BrandXchange Consumers Value Awards, an event dedicated to honoring exceptional brands. The company secured three prestigious awards in the following categories: “Best Value for Money – Carbonated Drink Brand 2023” for Bigi Cola, “Best Value for Money – Energy Drinks Brand 2023” for Fearless Energy Drink, and “Best Value for Money – Sausage Brand 2023” for Bigi Beef Sausage Roll.

These remarkable accomplishments serve as a strong testament to Rite Foods Limited’s dominant position in the fiercely competitive food and beverage industry. The company’s brands have firmly established themselves as standards of value and distinctiveness within their respective markets.

The brands’ representatives made a memorable impression during the awards ceremony, exemplifying Rite Foods Limited’s unwavering commitment to excellence across all aspects of its operations. Each Assistant Brand Manager left a lasting mark with their impeccable attire. Notably, the Assistant Brand Manager for Bigi donned a vibrant cape that perfectly embodied the playful and lively flavors associated with the brand. Similarly, the Assistant Brand Manager for Fearless Energy Drink made a bold fashion statement by sporting vivid and daring colors that aligned with the brand’s fearless spirit of delivering exciting energy and refreshment to consumers.

The awards were presented to the Brand Managers during the event themed “Consumer Satisfaction Index,” held at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Ikeja GRA, Lagos, on September 7, 2023. The organizers commended Rite Foods for revolutionizing the Food and Beverage sector of Africa’s largest economy with a range of high-quality products that have become top choices for consumers, delivering the desired value and satisfaction, outperforming competitors in their respective categories.

In her remarks, Aransiola Biola, the Assistant Brand Manager for Bigi Carbonated Soft Drink, expressed her gratitude, stating, “This award is a testament to our dedication to providing top-quality products that offer exceptional value to our customers.”

Kanyinsola Sangowawa, the Assistant Brand Manager for Fearless Energy Drink, also affirmed, “It is an honor to be recognized as the best value for money in the energy drink category. It motivates us to continue delivering on our promise of premium energy and great taste.”

Representing the Rite Sausage brand, Olawale Odenusi, the Digital Lead at Rite Foods Limited, stated, “This award reflects our ongoing commitment to producing delicious and value-packed sausage rolls in line with global best practices within our state-of-the-art factory.”

This recent achievement underscores the outstanding quality of Rite Foods Limited’s products, reaffirmed by the strong support of discerning consumers. It follows Rite Foods’ recognition as the “Highest Gainer Year in Year Out for 2023” in the “Top 50 Brands That Power Nigeria” assessment. The company remains resolute in its mission to deliver quality products, elevate taste experiences, and nourish communities through its innovative product range.

Rite Foods Limited’s success at the BrandXchange Consumers Value Awards adds to its growing list of accolades, including Bigi Cola’s “The Fastest Growing Cola Brand of the Year” in 2022, the “Best Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Company Award” bestowed by the Brand Journalists’ Association of Nigeria, “Most Outstanding CSD Brand of the Year” for the Bigi brand, and “Most Outstanding Energy Drink Brand of the Year” for Fearless Energy Drink at the BrandCom 2021 Awards. Additionally, the company received the 2022 ECOWAS Sausage Roll Snack Manufacturing Company of the Year award in recognition of its nutritional sausage values.

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