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TikTok Limits Under-18 Users To 1 Hour

All users under the age of 18 will automatically be subject to a one-hour screen time limit, according to TikTok. With updated teen account default settings, Family The business claims its first initiative is to “assist teens to manage their time on TikTok,” which it will pair with tighter parental controls.

The update was released on Wednesday by the head of trust and safety at TikTok via the company’s official newsroom. Digital experiences “should offer joy and play a positive part in how people express themselves,” according to Keenan of TikTok. TikTok is working to enhance its “screen time tool with more personalized choices”

In light of this, new default settings for teen accounts and an expansion of Family Pairing with greater parental restrictions will be part of this. “Helping youngsters manage their time on TikTok” is the company’s first effort.
To do this, a “60-minute daily screen time limit” will be automatically applied to every account owned by a user under the age of 18. A user will be requested to “type a passcode in order to continue watching”.

According to Keenan’s further explanation, once the 60-minute time limit has passed, teenagers must make an intentional decision to extend their use of the app in order to carry out this action, The company also thinks the move would make users more deliberate with the time they do spend using the app.

Also Keenan said, “every teen account will receive a weekly inbox message with a review of their screen use” as part of the new effort. This shift is anticipated to occur in the incoming weeks according to her.
In an effort to “empower families,” TikTok is also introducing three new features to Family Pairing, a function that was first introduced in 2020. Families will be able to “tune screen time to school schedules, vacation breaks, or family travel” thanks to the upgrades’ specific daily time limitations, which may be established by caregivers.

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