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To have rest of mind in your business, take insurance – NEM

Businesses and individuals in Nigeria have been exhorted to embrace and find the peace of mind they require to accomplish their endeavors.

When NEM Insurance Plc began its bi-annual fitness walk for the year 2023, it did so with this as its statement.

The fitness stroll ended at Maryland before returning to NEM House, which was where it began at NEM House in Obanikoro, Ikorodu Road, Lagos.

Our advice to motorists and onlookers on our route this morning is that they should purchase insurance to safeguard their assets and secure what is important to them, according to NEM management.

Beyond the benefits to the public, they also think that their staff members need to be mentally fit to market insurance, which is why the annual fitness test walk.

According to Tope Smart, managing director/CEO of NEM Insurance Plc, insurance professionals must be physically and mentally fit in order to sell insurance goods and services.

During the NEM Fitness Walk, held over the weekend at the company’s headquarters in Obanikoro, Lagos, Smart, who was represented by executive director of marketing and business development Andrew Ikekhua, noted that only someone who is physically and mentally fit can perform insurance as a profession.

He continued by saying that the business started the fitness walk to increase Nigerians’ awareness of insurance and as a form of exercise.

While he concedes that exercise is beneficial for the body, he also sees it as a way to introduce the company’s name and insurance offerings to those who live nearby.

“By answering people’s questions about who we are and what we do, we are educating them and deepening insurance penetration,” he said. “We have been able to create awareness about insurance as we walk.”

He advised Nigerians to contact his underwriting company for their general insurance goods and services while advising them to insure their risk exposures.

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