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Virdi Nigeria Plans Integration of Artificial Intelligence into Biometrics Devices

Virdi Nigeria, the West African branch of Union Community, a global leader in security software and contactless multimodal biometric solutions, has announced its intentions to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its biometric, face recognition, access control, and time and attendance management devices.

This announcement was made by Mr. Manzoor Fatmi, the Regional Sales Director, EMEA, Union Community, during a media chat at the recent SECUREX West Africa Exhibition 2023 held in Lagos. Mr. Fatmi highlighted the crucial role that artificial intelligence plays in delivering enhanced experiences to end-users of these devices. He mentioned that Virdi Nigeria currently holds approximately forty percent of the market share in the mid to enterprise segments, attributing the company’s dominance to the quality and durability of its products, which can function optimally for up to eight years.

Additionally, Mr. Fatmi revealed the company’s plan to expand its current market share to at least seventy percent within the next five years.

To bolster its market presence in Nigeria, Mr. Sudhir Pillai, the Regional Sales Manager, EMEA, Union Community, expressed confidence that Virdi Nigeria is collaborating with the right partners to achieve wider product penetration beyond Lagos, particularly in the northern region of Nigeria. Mr. Pillai also discussed how the company integrates emerging technologies and artificial intelligence into its devices to enhance the user experience, acknowledging the immense potential of AI in the biometrics industry moving forward.

He explained that Virdi Nigeria’s UBioX Premium device seamlessly integrates AI technology, offering additional value-added features such as a video-running module for end-users.

During his visit to the SECUREX West Africa Exhibition 2023, Mr. Chandramouli Kern, the Consulate-General of India in Lagos, commended Virdi Nigeria for its leading role in biometrics and access control security in Nigeria. It’s worth noting that Virdi Nigeria had previously showcased its FBI-certified biometric device during the 2022 SECUREX Exhibition, which has gained significant acceptance in both private and public enterprises across Nigeria and other African markets.

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