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Xiaomi Unveils New Variant and Colorway Options for Redmi Note 12!!!

Xiaomi has announced the debut of a new variant and color options for the highly acclaimed Redmi Note 12 smartphone.

Expanding on the tremendous success of the Redmi Note 12 Series, Xiaomi continues to push the boundaries of innovation by introducing a diverse range of options that cater to various user preferences. The Redmi Note 12 takes smartphone design to a new level, offering a refreshing variant with a wide array of vibrant colors to meet the evolving needs of discerning customers. This exceptional device seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology, providing users with a plethora of choices to match their unique styles and preferences.

The standout feature of the new variant is its 8+258GB configuration, which offers increased storage capacity and RAM, delivering exceptional efficiency and versatility. This makes it the perfect choice for both professionals and tech enthusiasts alike. Moreover, Xiaomi has introduced an exciting new color option for the Redmi Note 12 lineup: Sunrise Gold. This stunning color not only enhances the device’s aesthetic appeal but also adds a touch of individuality to match every user’s personality.

Key Features of Redmi Note 12:

The Redmi Note 12 boasts a 50MP AI triple camera, a smooth 120Hz AMOLED display, a powerful 5000mAh battery, and 33W fast charging with Snapdragon® 685. Driven by a high-performance processor, the Redmi Note 12 ensures seamless multitasking, faster app launches, and smooth gaming experiences. The 6.67″ AMOLED DotDisplay with a 120Hz refresh rate offers vibrant visuals and an immersive viewing experience, enabling ultra-smooth scrolling and enhanced gaming performance.

Equipped with a cutting-edge 50MP AI triple camera, including an 8MP ultra-wide camera and a 2MP macro camera, the Redmi Note 12 allows users to capture stunning photos with exceptional clarity and detail. The device also features a 13MP front camera for beautiful selfies and front camera video recording.

With a powerful 5,000mAh battery and 33W fast charging, the Redmi Note 12 ensures all-day usage on a single charge. Advanced power optimization features enhance battery life, providing uninterrupted long usage.

The Redmi Note 12 offers a clean and intuitive user interface, packed with features and customization options, ensuring a delightful and personalized experience for users.

Camellia Ran, Marketing Manager at Xiaomi West Africa, said, “Xiaomi believes in continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation and providing its users with an unparalleled smartphone experience. With the launch of the new variant and vibrant color options for the Redmi Note 12, we aim to offer users more choices to express themselves and elevate their smartphone experience to new heights.”

Prices and Availability:

The Redmi Note 12 is available at the Xiaomi exclusive store in Computer Village Ikeja and all retail stores of Slot, 3C Hub, Finet, Pointek, and Raya nationwide. Prices start from just ₦125,900 for the 4+128GB variant, ₦131,900 for the 6+128GB variant, ₦137,900 for the 8+128GB variant, and ₦142,900 for the 8+258GB variant.

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