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The 2023 LinkedIn Top Companies Ranking named 9mobile, Nigeria’s forward-thinking and customer-focused telecoms firm, as one of the 25 Best Workplaces in Nigeria where employees may further their careers. The LinkedIn Top Companies list recognizes the top 25 businesses that support employees in developing their skills and establishing careers that will lead to long-term success.

9mobile, renowned for its impressive track record in talent development and management, has been recognized for its exceptional performance on the eight assessment pillars of career progression. These pillars include the ability to advance, skills growth, company stability, external opportunity, company affinity, gender diversity, educational background, and employee presence in the country.

LinkedIn, in a statement, described the assessment pillars as follows: “Ability to advance” tracks employee promotions within a company and when they move to a new company, based on standardized job titles. “Skills growth” examines how employees gain skills while employed at the company, using standardized LinkedIn skills. “Company stability” measures attrition over the past year and the percentage of employees who stay at the company for at least three years.

LinkedIn also mentioned that “External Opportunity” looks at recruiter outreach across employees at the company, indicating demand for workers from these companies. “Company Affinity” assesses how supportive a company’s culture is by analyzing connection volume on LinkedIn among employees, adjusted for company size. “Gender Diversity” measures gender parity within a company and its subsidiaries. Lastly, “Educational Background” examines the variety of educational attainment among employees, from no degree to Ph.D. levels, reflecting a commitment to recruiting a diverse range of professionals.

Chief Human Resource Officer Ibrahim Musa Umar expressed great pleasure at 9mobile’s ranking and stated that it reaffirms the telco’s strong commitment to talent development, staff welfare, and a pleasant work environment. Umar emphasized that this recognition showcases 9mobile’s dedication to providing a conducive work environment that fosters growth, learning, and development for all employees. He also commended the loyalty, professionalism, and hard work of the staff, describing them as the most resilient professionals he has encountered in his 20 years in the telecoms industry.

At 9mobile, the success of the company is closely tied to the success of its employees. The company is committed to providing the necessary tools, resources, and support to help employees achieve their career aspirations. The recognition from LinkedIn motivates 9mobile to continue creating an even better workplace for its employees.

This recognition from LinkedIn is the latest in a series of accolades for 9mobile, including winning ‘The Industry Award for Innovation’ at The Industry Awards 2023 and receiving ‘Certificates of Excellence’ for the ‘9mobile Future CEO Initiative’ and 9mobile Health Talk at the SABRE Awards Africa 2023.

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