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9mobile Promotes Mental Well-Being and Physical Fitness at Yaba Fitness Fair

9mobile, a renowned telecommunications company in Nigeria, has taken a significant stride in promoting the mental well-being and physical fitness of Nigerians through its participation in the Yaba Fitness Fair, in collaboration with FitnessPlus.

The event, hosted in Yaba, Lagos, showcased a diverse array of fitness activities and mental health resources, underscoring the significance of a healthy lifestyle and overall mental well-being through regular exercise.

Chineze Amanfo, the Public Relations Lead at 9mobile, emphasized the company’s commitment to advocating for physical fitness and mental well-being, expressing delight in being part of the initiative and reaffirming 9mobile’s dedication to furthering the cause of a healthier and happier society.

Reflecting on 9mobile’s consistent efforts in promoting mental health awareness, Amanfo highlighted the company’s continued engagement in addressing mental health concerns through initiatives such as the 9mobile Health Talk Series, collaborating with mental health experts and counselors to discuss pertinent issues surrounding mental health.

Lara Olowookere, the Chief Executive Officer of FitnessPlus, expressed gratitude to 9mobile for its support of the Yaba Fitness Fair, emphasizing the event’s fundamental mission of advocating for fitness as an integral aspect of daily life and its impact on overall wellness.

Amanfo encouraged attendees to integrate fitness into their daily routines, underscoring its role in stress management and fostering mental resilience. Stressing the interdependence of mental health and physical fitness, she reiterated 9mobile’s unwavering commitment to promoting holistic wellness and fostering community engagement on these crucial matters.

9mobile’s active involvement in the Yaba Fitness Fair exemplifies its dedication to the comprehensive well-being of its customers and the wider community. This event is in line with 9mobile’s ongoing initiatives to support community development, health, and education, reinforcing the company’s mission to make a positive impact on the lives of its customers and the communities it serves.

The Yaba Fitness Fair brought together fitness enthusiasts, health professionals, and local community members, fostering engagement in various activities including aerobics, fitness challenges, stretching exercises, healthy living tips, nutritional guidance, dance, and other fitness-related challenges.

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