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Airtel Nigeria’s CEO, Carl Cruz, Highlights Telecom’s Crucial Role Across Business And Daily Life

During his presentation at the independently organized TED event, TEDx PAU, held at Lagos Business School, Pan-Atlantic University, Carl Cruz, the CEO of Airtel Nigeria, emphasized the pivotal role of the telecommunications industry as a transformative force in both business and everyday life, referring to it as the “New Economy Industry.”

Drawing from his extensive three-decade career in business across Africa and Asia, he shared anecdotes highlighting his transition from the FMCG industry to telecommunications, leading one of Africa’s prominent telecom companies. He underscored the significance of venturing beyond one’s comfort zone, driven by the aspiration to contribute to the future through digital connectivity.

Reflecting on the impact of telecommunications, he highlighted the transformative power of connectivity, enabling individuals to communicate across the country and fostering economic inclusion, thus propelling Nigeria onto the global stage.

Cruz’s speech resonated with the audience, emphasizing the importance of embracing challenges, taking risks, and cultivating a robust support system to foster personal and professional growth. Sharing from his experiences at Unilever, he outlined how he navigated various shifts in his career, underscoring the need for adaptability and continuous learning in the face of evolving industry boundaries and personal development.

He concluded by emphasizing the importance of adaptability in living beyond comfort zones, emphasizing the necessity of embracing change, overcoming fears, learning from failures, and building a strong network of support, all of which he regarded as essential elements in this journey of personal and professional growth.

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