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Airtel and UNICEF Collaborate to Expand CSR Initiative to 600 Additional Schools

Airtel and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) have announced their ongoing commitment to extending the reach of the Re-imagine Education Program, an initiative they jointly endorse. Their objective is to bring technology-enabled education to more schools and communities throughout the country, with plans to include 600 additional schools in addition to the existing 620 benefiting schools.

Both organizations expressed their satisfaction and delight at the progress of the program in Nigeria, citing the enthusiasm of students and improved learning outcomes as evidence of its effectiveness. This was revealed during a joint visit by representatives from both organizations to Oremeji Primary School in Ajegunle, as part of their efforts to evaluate the impact of the program on student learning outcomes.

The delegation, led by Airtel Africa’s Group Chief Executive Officer, Segun Ogunsanya, included Carl Cruz, CEO of Airtel Nigeria, Celine Lafoucriere, UNICEF Chief of Lagos Field Office, and other corporate leaders from Airtel and UNICEF. They engaged with teachers, students, and school administrators to assess the program’s influence on student learning outcomes.

Segun Ogunsanya, Group Chief Executive Officer of Airtel Africa, expressed his admiration for the impressive activities witnessed at Oremeji Primary School. He emphasized Airtel’s focus on education as a key aspect of their Corporate Social Responsibility, highlighting the partnership with UNICEF as a means to expedite results.

Carl Cruz, CEO of Airtel Nigeria, echoed Ogunsanya’s sentiments and stressed that the visit to the school underscores Airtel’s dedication to ensuring the impact of the Re-Imagine Education project. He noted that the students’ enthusiasm and improved learning outcomes serve as proof of the initiative’s effectiveness.

Celine Lafoucriere, UNICEF Chief of Lagos Field Office, emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts to reimagine education. She expressed her pleasure in partnering with Airtel to enhance the digital learning landscape and create a brighter future for children and young people in Nigeria.

The visit also provided an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of the digital tools and resources provided to the school as part of the program. Teachers and students demonstrated how they have been using these resources to create engaging and interactive learning experiences, fostering critical thinking and creativity among students.

The Airtel/UNICEF Re-imagine Education program officially commenced in Nigeria in December 2022, with the goal of transforming education by harnessing the power of technology to enhance teaching and learning experiences for children across the country. Airtel and UNICEF share a vision of empowering children through education, and they continue to collaborate to provide innovative solutions that bridge the digital divide and create equal opportunities for all children.

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