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Bolt Doles Out €2.5 Million to Empower Female Drivers as Part of Drive Towards Equality!

Bolt, the ride-hailing platform with over 100 million customers in more than 45 countries and 500 cities across Europe and Africa, has announced a €2.5 million pledge to empower more women to drive with Bolt and other platforms.

Bolt has launched a new campaign called ‘Women at the Wheel’ to address the under-representation of women in the mobility sector and provide them with access to additional earning opportunities as ride-hailing drivers. This initiative aims to tackle the gender gap and empower women to work in the transportation industry.

The campaign is particularly timely, as a survey conducted by Bolt across four countries in Europe and Africa revealed that nearly nine out of ten women (89%) experienced an increase in living costs in the past year. Despite this, only 7.2% of the women surveyed considered working as a driver on a ride-hailing platform to earn extra income.

The research conducted by Bolt further highlighted that driving jobs are still perceived as predominantly male occupations. One in four (25%) of the respondents mentioned that they had not considered working as a driver because they did not see it as a suitable activity for women.

With the ‘Women at the Wheel’ campaign, Bolt aims to challenge these perceptions, encourage more women to consider driving as a source of income, and provide them with the necessary support and resources to succeed in the mobility sector.

Venus Lim, Bolt’s Director of Central Operations for Ridehailing, said: “Women are under-represented in many parts of society, but in the mobility sector the inequality is particularly stark. 

“There are many reasons why many women are unlikely to consider becoming a driver and this campaign aims to raise awareness of some of the prejudices held against female drivers and make it easier for women to access flexible, independent work on Bolt and other ride-hailing platforms – something which is particularly important now when cost of living is going up for everyone.” 

Bolt has launched the ‘Women at the Wheel’ campaign, featuring a video where women discuss common stereotypes associated with female drivers. As part of this initiative, Bolt has committed to investing in various initiatives across multiple countries to address barriers that prevent women from entering the mobility sector.

To support women in the industry, Bolt has formed partnerships with NGOs advocating for women’s rights and female drivers. The company will provide subsidies for licensing costs, making it easier for women to start their driving careers. Additionally, Bolt is developing new safety features on its app to ensure the security of both female drivers and passengers.

The campaign was developed based on extensive conversations with women from different countries to understand their perceptions of the ride-hailing sector and identify factors that would motivate them to consider becoming drivers. As part of the campaign, Bolt’s internship program offers young women interested in the tech and ride-hailing industry a three-month paid internship. Participants in the program receive mentorship from prominent women in Bolt’s leadership team.

Bolt continues to prioritize safety by enhancing its safety features, providing a secure and affordable platform for both female drivers and passengers.

In 2021, Bolt organized a driver league competition as part of its commitment to service excellence and the ongoing improvement of its driver rewards program. The competition included a women’s league, and the top-performing female driver was awarded a brand-new car to help her increase her earning potential as a vehicle owner, addressing one of the challenges faced by many drivers in the ride-hailing industry.

The ‘Women at the Wheel’ campaign is currently active in eleven countries, including Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Romania, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Portugal, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, Latvia, and Estonia.

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