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Hilda Baci Cook-A-Thon: How Nigerian Brands Used It to Engage Consumers

On Monday, 15 March 2023, Hilda Effiong Bassey, also known as Hilda Baci, a Nigerian chef, broke the record for the longest cooking marathon by an individual, making history in the process.

After more than 87 hours and 45 minutes of cooking, she smashed the previous record, which had been held by Lata Tondon of India in 2019. For 88 hours and 32 minutes, she kept track.

From the first through the fourth day of the cook-a-thon, Nigerians, including government officials, supported the chef, visiting her at the Amore Gardens in the Lekki neighborhood of Lagos and cheering her on until she ultimately smashed the record. Brands also supported the chef, both online and offline, by displaying their support. Additionally, it gave them a chance to interact with customers who were indirectly Hilda fans.

Customers who were present at the Cook-A-Thon location received some of the products from a company like Arla Food, a producer of Dano Milk and other dairy products as well as the event’s official dairy sponsor. The chef also employed its products in the kitchen.

Access W, a subsidiary of Access Bank, was on the scene to assist Amazon and encourage other women to be motivated by Hilda Baci’s tenacity.

Online, there was also a ton of support; a company like Bua tweeted, “Go, Hilda!! We’re behind you 100 percent.

Axa Mansard also promised to provide her a Gold HMO plan for free for a full year, saying, “Go, Hilda! Know your capabilities! La Casera, Bold, Airtel, L’eola Hotel, and other brands are examples of brands. We at AXA Mansard are offering a free 1-year Gold HMO plan as part of your advancement.

The restaurant owner switched on her cooker at 4 o’clock on Thursday and started the competition. On Monday morning, she beat the previous world record holder.

To match the record set by an Indian chef named Lata Tondon in 2019, Hilda Baci has cooked for 88 hours and 32 minutes as of 8:32 am on Monday.

As a result of a 4-day cooking marathon challenge, the Nigerian chef has now established a new record for the longest cooking duration by an individual.

According to Hilda Baci, the trip to the cook-a-thon began five years ago. “I am happy that I took the risk to start this experience because it is one of my main goals. I’ve given myself plenty of time to mentally prepare for this, and I’m proud to finally accept this challenge.

“The cook-a-thon is also a chance for us to share some of the inspiring African stories through the food we prepare.

“This endeavor is also evidence of the resilience young people may show given the correct environment and assistance. To accomplish this goal, I look forward to having assistance from people everywhere.

The 27-year-old Nigerian chef nevertheless continued to cook as of the time this news was filed, despite breaking the record.

Numerous Nigerians, especially young people, are gathered at the scene of the record-breaking event and are cheering Hilda Baci on.

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