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EKEDC Celebrates 10 Years of Operation

Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC) has expressed appreciation to its employees for their exceptional contributions to the organization’s success in the power sector as it commemorates its 10th anniversary. The General Manager of Corporate Communications at EKEDC, Babatunde Lasaki, conveyed this in a statement, characterizing the 10-year journey as remarkable with valuable lessons and opportunities for improvement.

The Managing Director of EKEDC, Tinuade Sanda, praised the entire workforce for their resilience, innovative spirit, and commitment to delivering a secure, consistent, and reliable power supply to customers. Sanda highlighted the company’s reliance on technological integration, employing advanced business processes supported by state-of-the-art technology in alignment with global best practices.

Looking ahead to the next decade, Sanda outlined goals including achieving 100% metering of customers, zero electricity accidents and fatalities, enhanced customer service, and zero downtime in power supply. She commended the staff’s dedication and encouraged them to persist in contributing to the growth of the power sector.

Sanda also paid tribute to colleagues who lost their lives on duty and acknowledged predecessors for laying the foundation for the current success. The statement emphasized the company’s gratitude to customers for their patronage over the past decade.

Over the years, EKEDC has implemented a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition/Distribution Management System, enabling remote access and control of infrastructure—a pioneering effort in Nigeria’s power distribution sector. The company has automated its metering process, metered feeders and transformers for efficient monitoring, and improved billing accuracy to reduce disputes.

Babatunde Lasaki highlighted the company’s global certification to manage entrusted information assets. He credited the staff for their dedication and acknowledged their role in the company’s success. Lasaki mentioned the commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) pillars, including health and wellness, sports and entrepreneurship, education and capacity building, and environmental safety.

Lasaki disclosed notable challenges faced by the company in the last decade, such as managing increasing energy demand, maintaining grid resilience, revenue collection issues, and meeting the goal of metering all customers. Looking forward, he expressed the company’s aspiration for a future with all customers metered, minimal downtime, and zero incidents.

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