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Going Beyond Connectivity: 9Mobile Highlights Risks of Substance Abuse on Mental Well-being During Health Talk Series

9Mobile Puts Focus on Substance Abuse and Mental Health in its Quarterly Health Talk Series

In line with the observance of the 2023 World Mental Health Day, 9Mobile, renowned for its telecommunications services, recently organized its quarterly Health Talk Series. This session, themed “Substance Abuse: a conversation we must have now,” featured a leading advocate for substance abuse victims, David Folaranmi, while Dr. Damian Avar, also known as ‘Sabi Doctor,’ assumed the role of host.

Folaranmi emphasized the severity of substance addiction as a mental health illness and underlined the critical need for patience during the treatment process. He stressed preventive measures that families can take, highlighting the importance of parental attendance at seminars on safeguarding children from substance abuse. Folaranmi also shed light on the prevalence of drug use among university students, emphasizing the urgency for educational institutions and communities to proactively combat this issue.

Chineze Amanfo, the Public Relations Lead at 9Mobile, expressed the company’s commitment to prioritizing mental health on par with physical health. Amanfo underscored the company’s dedication to collaborating with renowned mental health advocates and organizations to create a supportive environment where individuals can access the care they need without fear of stigma.

Amanfo further iterated 9Mobile’s commitment to employee well-being and mental health within the organization. The Health Talk Series, a part of 9Mobile’s corporate social responsibility initiatives, serves as a platform for renowned medical experts to address critical health issues in accessible ways. With the participation of notable medical professionals such as Dr. Maymunah Yusuf Kadiri, Dr. Kelechi Okoro, Dr. Egemba Chinonso, Dr. Juliet Offiah, and mental health advocate Hauwa Ojeifo, the series has become a significant avenue for promoting health awareness and dialogue within communities.

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