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Honda Unveils Unicorn Motorcycle

According to Honda Manufacturing (Nigeria) Ltd, the company recently introduced the Honda CB Unicorn motorcycle to the Nigerian market in an effort to elevate the bar for performance in the industry.
Hirohide Ichikawa, the managing director of Honda Nigeria Limited, who made the announcement, described the new product as “extremely reliable for commercial and private use” during his keynote talk.
The new Honda Unicorn, he continued, “was produced using the same cutting-edge precision technology that is synonymous with the Honda brand, and its unique and remarkable features make it the greatest in its class.”

He claims that after extensive consultation with Honda’s business partners, the distribution value chain, and individual users, the Honda Unicorn is perfectly designed. He also claims that the motorcycle is well-liked in India and the Middle East, where the company reported sales of more than 150,000 units in a calendar year.
Ichikawa clarified that despite Nigeria’s current economic situation, the company chose to introduce the Honda Unicorn.

“We are particularly proud that the Honda Unicorn is being launched today under the present difficult operating terrain in Nigeria. This doesn’t only symbolizes the hope for a better future but also expresses our continued belief and trust in the Nigerian dream,” he added

The Sales Manager of the company, Olabade Badejo, in a presentation disclosed the Unicorn motorcycle stands out because it is convenient for riders, adding that its parts are available.

“It is best in fuel consumption, it guarantees high quality and durability. It has high resale value.”

According to the company, the motorcycle is targeted at private and corporate customers, adding that it can be used by dispatch riders of banks, delivery organizations, corporate organizations, and leisure riders and is good for patrol by security agencies.

Badejo emphasized the company’s aim to start safety riding instruction in April 2023 to improve riders’ riding skills, boost profitability, and strengthen the organization’s reputation for safety. He added that Honda motorbikes are used in more than 175 countries.
He continued by saying that the training would concentrate on braking systems, cornering postures, balancing, accident prevention, and responsibility.

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