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Tetra Pak Introduces Packaging Solutions to Promote Safe, and Healthy Food

A new sustainable packaging options for food processing has been introduced by Tetra Pak which is creative, ecologically friendly, and safe for goods in order to promote safe and healthy food globally.
Due to innovative research targeted at promoting fiber-based sustainable and healthier food packaging, the company that produces packaging solutions was able to accomplish this achievement despite the mounting scarcity of raw materials.
It is believed that this breakthrough would lead to an improvement in food packaging, with a focus on healthy packaging, as well as a decrease in loss and waste throughout the African market.

Tetra Pak, in partnership with MAX IV one of the newest synchrotron radiation laboratory in the world are working together on this research. This research study develops a brand-new packaging strategy that would provide packaging that is secure, recyclable, and more resistant to liquids and humidity.

According to Eva Gustavsson, Vice President, Materials & Packaging at Tetra Pak, the goal of the collaborative research project is to provide new light on the nano-structure of fiber materials.The very first industrial research and development experiment at ForMAX—a new research station set up to examine materials from the forest, located at the MAX IV Laboratory in Lund, Sweden—is the first application to optimize the composition of materials used for paper straws, according to him.

“As we seek to create the packaging of the future, it is imperative that we have a fundamental understanding of the structure and characteristics of materials. Experiments at ForMAX will undoubtedly aid us in our goal of offering the most sustainable food package in the world”, he continued. Gustavsson stated that using renewable resources and increasing the use of fiber-based material within packages would be crucial in order for the package of the future to be totally recyclable and have a low environmental impact. Tetra Pak is, he asserted, “helping to reveal new insights into plant-based materials as a foundation for future breakthroughs” through this research.

Tetra Pak West Africa’s managing director, Oshiokamele Aruna, recalls that the Germany Machinery Association announced in 2021 that Nigeria had surpassed Egypt and South Africa as the continent’s greatest investor in food and packaging technology with a sum invested of over 346 million Euros.
He continued, “With packaging partnership and support from Tetra Pak, the new entrance into fiber-based food packaging will further boost investment and provide additional options and possibilities for eager investors into the African market agricultural value chain.”

The experiment carried out at ForMAX, according to Kim Nygrd, manager of beamline MAX IV at ForMAX, was a turning point for both academia and business. The research station is the first of its kind and will support both basic and practical industrial research on the future applications of new sustainable materials. We are honored to help Tetra Pak develop environmentally friendly packaging materials for the future, he added.
The first experiment, which begins with paper straws, offers further analysis capabilities into how paper straw material responds to changes in the environment in real time, according to Eskil Andreasson, Technical Expert, Virtual Modelling at Tetra Pak.

The experiment, he continued, also demonstrates how the straw interacts with various liquids under extreme circumstances. He noted that these fresh perspectives and knowledge would be used to build future paper straws in virtual modeling software, enhancing their functionality.

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