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inDrive, a global mobility and urban services platform, has extended its operations to Abuja after proving the efficiency of its business model in Lagos.

The ride-hailing service brand has a unique feature that allows passengers to set their budget, and drivers can either accept or offer their own price. The company has announced its expansion into Abuja, which is part of a strategic plan to make ride-hailing services more accessible and convenient to Nigerians. The move comes after the increasing demand for flexible, cost-friendly, and safe transportation services.

The expansion to Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city, is the second in Nigeria after Lagos, where the company currently operates. The move highlights the company’s dedication to providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of people worldwide. Timothy Oladimeji, inDrive Business Development Representative in Nigeria, stated that the expansion was necessary in response to the growing demand for safe, affordable, and reliable transportation in the region.

“We are excited to announce the expansion of our ride-hailing services to Abuja, Nigeria. With the rising demand for safe, reliable, and affordable transportation in the area, we are confident that inDrive will provide exceptional service to our riders. Our expansion to Abuja represents our commitment to delivering innovative and equitable solutions that address our customers’ transportation needs. We anticipate serving the people of Abuja and fostering strong partnerships in the local community,” Oladimeji stated.

The expansion of the ride-hailing platform inDrive to Abuja is part of the company’s strategic move to make ride-hailing services more accessible and available to Nigerians. According to Timothy Oladimeji, inDrive’s Business Development Representative in Nigeria, the expansion is necessary due to the growing demand for flexible, convenient, and cost-friendly transportation services in the region. The platform’s expansion in Africa aims to provide fair-priced ride-hailing services to passengers while also contributing to the growth of the gig economy in the region by creating work opportunities for the unemployed.

One of the app’s unique features is its ability to allow passengers to set their desired ride prices, and drivers can either accept, counter with a different offer, or ignore it. The app operates transparently with a maximum service charge of 10% excluding VAT, and there are no fines or fees for drivers who decline an offer. The app’s safety features include passenger ratings, travel address alerts, a Safety Center with training materials, an emergency button, and a Share the Ride Route button.

Once a passenger enters their pickup and drop-off locations, the nearby and available driver receives a notification with the passenger’s pickup location and proposed fare. The driver can accept the proposed fare or make a counteroffer, which the passenger can accept or reject. Once they agree to a fare, the driver picks up the passenger and completes the ride as usual. After the ride, the passenger and driver can rate each other and provide feedback to the InDriver platform to help improve the service. InDrive’s peer-to-peer pricing approach has been critical to the app’s popularity and success, with over 175 million downloads and recognition as the world’s second most downloaded mobility app.

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