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Konga to Unveil KongaNow: Transforming E-commerce in Nigeria with Same-Day Delivery.

After two years of thorough testing and research, Konga, Nigeria's largest composite e-commerce group, is ready to launch KongaNow, which will guarantee same-day delivery of verified products and for which Konga will be solely responsible. This move will further raise the bar for service delivery in the sector.

To take advantage of Konga’s KongaNow service, simply visit www.Konga.com/konga/now. Any product labeled as KongaNow will be delivered to the shopper within one to six hours on the same day, regardless of their location.

This offer will be available in Lagos and Abuja starting from 1 am on May 30th, 2023. Shoppers will have the opportunity to enjoy a special one-day sale with unbeatable prices on selected high and middle-end products directly from manufacturers, marking the launch of this initiative.

Konga has partnered with numerous global manufacturers in various sectors, including Electronics, Computing and Accessories, Home and Kitchen, Power, FMCG, Lifestyle products, Cosmetics, and Health, among others, for this initiative.

Every product available on KongaNow is ready for immediate delivery, and the e-commerce giant plans to expand its services to other states in Nigeria by the end of September this year. Additionally, KongaNow is expected to add momentum to the 2023 edition of the annual Mid-Year Shopping Festival, taking place from June 1st to June 30th.

Through KongaNow, shoppers can experience unprecedented speed in the delivery of their high and medium-value items from Monday to Saturday, regardless of the product’s cost. Furthermore, Konga takes responsibility for ensuring the quality of the delivered products.

KongaNow Project Head, Ms. Yvonne Enwerem, revealed that the company has invested billions in logistics assets and technologies to elevate e-commerce to the next level. She expressed confidence in Konga’s ability to deliver on this project and emphasized the support of the board and manufacturers in raising the bar of e-commerce within the next year. She invited media representatives to try out the service on May 30th, 2023, with a special one-day discount.

This latest initiative is expected to set a higher standard for service delivery in the industry. Konga’s management is confident that it will significantly improve standards and enhance customer satisfaction among shoppers and other key audiences, including bulk buyers, schools, educational institutions, corporate establishments, and government parastatals.

Gideon Ayogu, Group Head of Marketing, stated that Konga aims to address a significant gap in the e-commerce space: swift delivery. By offering same-day delivery within one to six hours through KongaNow, they are responding to the challenges faced by shoppers. Ayogu acknowledged the logistics and infrastructural deficiencies in Nigeria but assured customers that Konga is dedicated to providing solutions. The service will initially be available in Lagos and Abuja and will extend to other cities in the near future. There are no additional charges for KongaNow, but all items must be prepaid, preferably using KongaPay, the CBN-licensed mobile money wallet, or other payment methods such as debit card, bank transfer, or voucher to qualify for same-day delivery.

Efficient operational measures have been put in place within Konga to ensure that KongaNow orders receive priority attention for swift fulfillment. To enjoy same-day delivery, orders must be placed and the check-out process completed by 2 pm. Orders received after this time will be delivered on the next working day.

Customers are required to be physically available at the chosen location to receive their orders. Alternatively, they can assign someone else to receive the order, provided they inform the delivery associate or Konga Customer Care team accordingly.

KongaNow is open to all types of shoppers, including regular shoppers, bulk buyers, corporates, and other establishments.

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