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Marketing Communications Has Come To Stay in Nigeria, Its Impact On 2023 Elections Was Significant, McEnies-CEO Olaosebikan

Omolaraeni Olaosebikan, CEO of McEnies Global Communications has given credit to practitioners within the integrated marketing communication space during the conduct of the 2023 Presidential, Governorship, State Assembly and National Assembly elections in Nigeria, stating that they proved their mettle during the election circle.

According to Omolaraeni, smart political stakeholders who hired experienced professionals to manage their campaigns, commercials, public perception, and other electoral activities received excellent value for their money. She shared these insights during a policy dialogue held at Sheraton Hotel in Lagos via a Zoom Webinar, where stakeholders discussed the strengths of integrated marketing communications in political campaigns.

Omolaraeni expressed her belief that integrated marketing communications has firmly established itself in Nigeria. She commended the smart politicians who recognized and utilized the strengths and opportunities of this approach to effectively engage voters and establish dominance in the political landscape. She applauded the efforts of both senior and junior colleagues who showcased their exceptional skills during the election cycle. The professionals demonstrated their expertise, leaving those who didn’t engage their services with unsatisfactory outcomes. Omolaraeni observed the development of increasingly sophisticated tools and techniques during that period, praising the thrilling narratives and success stories emerging in Nigeria. She highlighted the contributions of these industry practitioners, particularly the younger generation, who are positively disrupting and shaping the broader business and political landscape of the nation.

Furthermore, she mentioned that young Nigerian marketing communications experts are receiving favorable recognition and headlines internationally for their innovative work. Their pacesetting ideas have positioned them as revolutionary thinkers on the continent, revitalizing ideas and industries with fresh business models and innovative leadership.

Omolaraeni emphasized that these young marketing communicators are not only focused on creating engaging content and strengthening brand positions but also on utilizing marketing campaigns to achieve success, victory, and address significant societal issues. They are determined to leverage opportunities and drive the future of Nigeria, contributing to a new and prosperous nation.

During the question-and-answer session, Omolaraeni responded to inquiries about leadership. She stressed the importance of a leader being daring and taking responsibility rather than shying away from it. A leader should lead from the front and not hesitate to address challenges head-on. She advised leaders to be bold, accountable for their decisions, and not sacrifice themselves to be perceived as “nice.” Clarity in defining tasks and setting parameters for measuring results is crucial. Omolaraeni urged leaders to consider all available information and rise above politicking within organizations, demonstrating their capabilities.

Overall, Omolaraeni’s remarks highlighted the effectiveness of integrated marketing communications in political campaigns and recognized the contributions of young Nigerian professionals in driving positive change and shaping the country’s future.

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