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Meta Launches Threads App to Challenge Twitter

Meta’s Threads app, which bears a resemblance to Twitter in terms of its format, was unexpectedly launched on Wednesday evening, positioning itself as Elon Musk’s most significant competitor since the billionaire took control of the social media platform.

Threads, resembling Twitter in appearance, enables users to post messages, engage with other users through replies, and express appreciation or repost messages. Additionally, Meta’s ownership of Instagram allows users to follow the same accounts on Threads, potentially expanding their follower base.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Meta, expressed his vision for Threads in an Instagram post following its release, stating, “Our aim is to combine the best aspects of Instagram and create a fresh experience for text, ideas, and meaningful discussions. I believe the world needs this kind of amicable community, and I am grateful to all of you who have joined Threads from the very beginning.”According to a blog post by Meta, the Threads app is now available for free download on the Apple App Store and Google Play in more than 100 countries. Screenshots of Threads available on the Apple App Store illustrate its resemblance to Twitter, functioning as a text-based social messaging platform where users can share concise messages, receive likes, shares, and comments.

Users will have the ability to follow the same Threads accounts they already follow on Instagram and engage in public discussions similar to the usage patterns observed on Twitter.

Within the first four hours of its launch, Threads garnered over 5 million sign-ups, as revealed by Zuckerberg.

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