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NAHCO Releases Revised Cargo Tariff, Effective from April 1st

Nigerian Aviation Handling Company Plc NAHCO Aviance has unveiled a revised cargo tariff, set to become effective from April 1st, 2023

Freight forwarders and clearing agents at airports nationwide are to pay more for the cargo handling tariff rate, as well as for clearing of inbound and outbound cargoes under the new tariff arrangement, put in place by the NAHCO and Skyway Aviation Handling Company Plc (SAHCO) which took effect from November 2019. This was stated in a statement signed by both NAHCO and SAHCO, that the 40% increase was required due to economic realities.

According to the new tariff, general cargo and bank consignment is now N65.30, a total departure from the initial N46.60 per kilogram (kg). Demurrage charges have increased from N11.05 to N13 per kg, courier has increased from N54.00 to N76 per kg, and COA has increased from N58.50 to N82 per kg.

Meanwhile, strong room storage rose slightly from N23.40 to N25 per kilogram, while human remains rose from N58.50 to N60 per kilogram. Export charges, however, jumped from N28.00 to N39 per kg.
Other fees, such as the freezer, vault, minimum charge, late registration, and e-registration, are unaffected.

According to sources, the only way to develop the industry and make Nigeria’s air cargo industry world-class is to allow for a tariff review.

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