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NCC Commissions Telecom Consumer Desk (TELCARE) at Abuja Airport

It’s interesting to note that 79% of marketing executives in EMEA think that in the upcoming 12 months, a hybrid CX position that blends physical and digital experiences would be crucial.

Many believe that this promotes customer engagement, innovation, and personalization. On top of a completely revamped digital infrastructure, which offers a 360-degree perspective of the customer and their relationship with the business, it is much simpler to give a hybrid consumer experience.

More than 1 in 7 marketers claim to have a developed digital infrastructure, despite this. Good news! Brands are actively pursuing this.

The TELCARE Desk provides a platform for advocacy on any thematic consumer issue or concern as well as an additional avenue for receiving and facilitating the resolution of consumer complaints, providing access for consumers and citizens to information on consumer issues, and raising awareness of the Commission’s activities.

Further, the EVC stated that the Consumer Affairs Bureau (CAB) of the Commission will educate telecom users about these measures targeted at improving the environment for all people.

The CAB will carry this out as part of its responsibility for consumer education, with a large portion of this effort devoted to giving consumers knowledge that will enable them to survive in a society that has embraced digital finance.

The CAB will use its consumer-centric initiatives, such as the Telecom Consumer Parliament (TCP), Telecom Consumer Town Hall on Radio (TCTHR), Telecom Consumer Conversations (TCC), as well as social media platforms and the Consumer Portal to sensitize consumers on how renewable energy benefits them and their role in achieving industry transition to it in the interest of the environment. In addition to updating its Consumer Guide to include the message about renewable energy, the CAB will create and produce a variety of consumer education materials, including Flexi and Roll-up Banners, Handbills, and other signage.

The NCC Board of Commissioners, Directors, and Staff of the Commission are esteemed members of the telecommunications industry, and Danbatta extended his congratulations to them when the world community commemorates World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD) in 2023.

“The Commission is reiterating that its regulatory mandate will take this year’s subject into mind. We are dedicated to using resources wisely, and part of that includes protecting the environment by helping the sector switch to renewable energy, he said.

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