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Netflix, Leadway, and MTN Nigeria lead Sectors as the Top Media Performers in Q2, 2023

P+ Measurement Services, a leading media intelligence consultancy, analyzed the top media performers in the Nigerian subscription-based streaming services, telecommunications, and insurance sectors for the second quarter of 2023 with Netflix Nigeria, Leadway and MTN emerged as the top performers.

The Nigerian media landscape is rapidly expanding and fiercely competitive, undergoing continuous evolution. P+ Measurement Services, a leading media intelligence consultancy, conducted an in-depth analysis of the top media performers in three key sectors: subscription-based streaming services, telecommunications, and insurance, during the second quarter of 2023. The aim of this comprehensive review is to provide insights into each industry’s media share, considering the advancements in subscription-based streaming services, the telecommunications sector’s expansion, and the insurance sector’s consistent performance.

To carry out this analysis, P+ Measurement Services monitors an extensive range of over 1.3 million online publications in the local and global media space, including blogs, news sites, forums, and digital media. Additionally, they analyze around 1,380 print publications, including daily, weekly, and monthly releases, from which various meta-data were collected.

In the subscription-based streaming industry in Nigeria, Netflix Nigeria emerged as the top performer out of the five brands monitored, securing a significant media share of 47%. Amazon Prime Video and Showmax Nigeria followed, with media shares of 29% and 24% respectively.

Within the Nigerian telecommunications industry, there was a competitive landscape with several key players. The top media performers, out of the five brands monitored, were MTN Nigeria and Airtel, both capturing 30% of the media share. Globacom secured 25%, and 9Mobile obtained 15%.

Among the top ten insurance brands monitored, five insurance companies stood out as top media performers. Leadway Assurance maintained its position as the top performer in Q2, capturing 39% of the media share. AIICO Insurance came in second with 19%, AXA Mansard Insurance ranked third with 18%, NEM Insurance took the fourth spot with 15%, and Mutual Benefits Assurance secured 9%.

In Q2, 2023, there were notable media drivers in the subscription-based streaming services sector. Netflix Nigeria gained attention for its innovative approach of reimagining folktales with African filmmakers, turning them into dark fantasy dramas. Amazon Prime Video achieved a significant milestone with the success of ‘Gangs of Lagos,’ a production by Jade Osiberu that set a new record. Showmax Nigeria’s collaboration with Upbeat to host a special screening party for children on Children’s Day, featuring Jay Jay Okocha, also garnered media interest.

In the Nigerian telecommunications industry, several significant PR drivers caught attention during the period. MTN Nigeria’s approval from the Nigerian Communications Commission to lease NTEL’s spectrum significantly influenced the industry. Airtel Nigeria’s brand recognition and reputation were boosted after the appointment of Carl Cruz as MD/CEO. Globacom gained media coverage as CEO Mike Adenuga celebrated his 70th birthday. Furthermore, 9Mobile made headlines with its announcement of a substantial N70 billion investment in network modernization, strengthening its presence and impact in the market.

Leadway Assurance achieved a groundbreaking milestone as the first insurer to surpass N100 billion in premium income within the insurance sector, garnering significant attention. AIICO Insurance focused its investments on the healthcare industry as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. AXA Mansard Insurance experienced remarkable revenue growth of 13% during the first quarter, leading to increased media engagement for the brand. NEM Insurance showcased its commitment to policyholders by disbursing a substantial sum of N12.3 billion in claims during the 2022 financial year. Additionally, Mutual Benefits Assurance witnessed Dr. Akin Ogunbiyi, the chairman, offering valuable insights to the younger generation about the significance of making favorable first impressions during the launch of his book.

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