Home News President Buhari commends Stallion Group for production of 700 military trucks in Nigeria

President Buhari commends Stallion Group for production of 700 military trucks in Nigeria

Stallion Group’s local production of 700 military trucks in Nigeria praised by President Buhari and Minister of Defence.

President Muhammadu Buhari has commended Stallion Group for its contribution to Nigeria’s industrial development, especially the production of 700 military trucks built by Nigerians at their Ojo, Lagos automobiles assembly and production plants. The President made this statement during the commissioning of the military trucks on Friday.According to the President, the production of the 700 Stallion Ashok Leyland Troops Carrier Vehicles by Stallion Motors Limited is a significant milestone in the history of the Nigerian Armed Forces. The trucks will be used by troops engaged in operations in various theaters.

This procurement of the military trucks was done in line with Executive Order Number Five, which encourages the partnership between the Ministry of Defence and the private sector. This initiative is aimed at promoting local content in Nigeria, which is expected to create thousands of jobs and opportunities for engineers from military establishments who will be trained in the maintenance of the trucks.The Permanent Secretary, Dr. Ibrahim Abubakar Kana, also commented on the role of Stallion Group in the implementation of the contract, stating that although the company’s promoters may look Indian, they are holders of the green passport and have been in Nigeria for 54 years with growing investments in agriculture, industries, services, and technology transfer.

Stallion Group has been expanding into several key sectors of the Nigerian economy, including agriculture, automobile, real estate, and technology. They have been providing employment opportunities to thousands of skilled Nigerians over the years and contributing to the development of the country’s economy.The production of the 700 military trucks by Stallion Group is a great achievement, not only for the c

ompany but also for the Nigerian economy as a whole. It demonstrates the potential for local content development and the growth of the country’s manufacturing sector. As Nigeria continues to push for self-sufficiency and the development of local industries, such initiatives by companies like Stallion Group are vital to achieving these goals.

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