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As part of its ‘Riteonthebeach’ sustainability initiative and effort to protect aquatic life along shoreline communities in Lagos, Rite Foods Limited, Nigeria’s food and beverage manufacturer, continues its ongoing initiative to clean up plastics from beaches.

Rite Foods has embarked on a remarkable sustainability journey, highlighted by its impactful endeavor named ‘Riteonthebeach.’ This initiative, carried out in collaboration with Popbeachclub, an eco-resort situated in Lagos, is focused on the significant task of cleaning up plastic waste from beaches. Since its inception in August 2021, ‘Riteonthebeach’ has made a substantial impact, successfully removing over 180,000 pieces of plastic from coastal areas. However, this initiative goes beyond mere cleanup; it actively encourages local residents to participate in plastic collection and sets up recycling systems as a means of generating employment opportunities and enriching the community. The proceeds generated from this initiative are utilized to provide essential school supplies for children residing along the Lagos shorelines.

Seleem Adegunwa, the Managing Director of Rite Foods, aptly underscores their shared mission, stating, “Our dedication lies in championing innovation, endorsing sustainability, and fostering a cleaner environment through collaborative endeavors.”

This event underscores Rite Foods’ steadfast commitment to conserving aquatic life and advocating for a sustainable environment. Furthermore, it draws attention to the significance of the wetlands in the Ilado area of Lagos State, which play a pivotal role in the ecosystem by supporting migratory birds and acting as fish nurseries. Sadly, these invaluable wetlands are under threat from plastic pollution and sand dredging.

Mr. Akin Disu, the Founder of Popbeachclub, emphasizes, “It is essential for individuals to recognize that plastics hold more than just waste; they possess value and can be recycled. It is crucial to remove them from the environment instead of allowing them to accumulate in wetlands, thereby safeguarding the fish and migratory birds that rely on these areas.”

He further reveals that children in coastal regions bring a staggering 22 plastic bottles, collected by their parents, to school every day. To incentivize responsible behavior, students with the highest collection of plastics in a term are awarded scholarships. These collected bottles are subsequently processed by women in the community as part of a job creation initiative. Disu calls for the widespread adoption of such practices, not solely limited to coastal regions but also within cities. Separating plastics at their source and recycling them can effectively combat environmental pollution.

Disu commends Rite Foods’ dedication to cleaning up Lagos shoreline communities and urges other organizations to follow suit. Beyond their renowned product portfolio, which includes acclaimed variations of the Bigi carbonated soft drink brand, premium Bigi Premium Water, Fearless energy drink, Sosa fruit drink, Bigi, and Rite Sausages, Rite Foods is playing a pivotal role in championing sustainable initiatives. Additionally, the company organizes training sessions to empower recyclers in Lagos with innovative approaches to recycling practices.

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