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Eastern Distilleries and Food Industries, subsidiaries of Krisoral Group of Companies have signed popular Nigerian musicians, Ojadili and Kola Boy as brand ambassadors for its Wake Up energy drink.

Addressing Chairman of Krisoral Group, Igwe Dr. Chris Chidume Oranu emphasized that the endorsement deal aligns with his consistent advocacy for supporting local talents as a means to foster economic growth and development.

During discussions on the sidelines of the post-launch event for Wake Up energy drink, Igwe Dr. Chris Chidume Oranu highlighted the product as a Nigerian-made brand, showcasing the company’s confidence in the Nigerian market despite the challenging business environment that hampers manufacturing within the country.

“The agreement we have formalized today serves as a testament that hope is not lost. If we believe in our capabilities and specialize in our areas of expertise, we have the potential to become a more prosperous nation. Nigeria’s transformation requires collective efforts as one individual cannot solely drive the nation’s progress,” he emphasized.

He went on to express that the introduction of the Wake Up energy drink would significantly disrupt the dependence on imported energy drinks. This shift would contribute to conserving foreign currency expenditure associated with the importation of various energy drink varieties.

Igwe Dr. Chris Chidume Oranu also noted that the brand has ambitions to tap into the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) market. Following its launch in Nigeria, the brand intends to extend its presence to other African countries, aiming to attract consumers who will no longer require foreign currency to purchase their goods.

In addition, George Faaye, the Brand and Talent Manager at Eastern Distilleries Industries and Food Industries Limited, emphasized the suitability of the Wake Up energy drink for consumption, highlighting its compatibility with Nigeria and Africa’s climate. He underscored the brand’s unique attributes, including its smoothness, absence of caffeine, and its role as a quick energy booster with a low alcohol content of 15%.

The collaboration with brand ambassadors was discussed as a strategic move to enhance the market position of Wake Up. Bernard Okoma, the manager representing the artists, shared his belief in the brand’s potential to promote locally-made products and encouraged Nigerians to embrace the product.

One of the brand ambassadors, Ikeh Williams Ifeanyichukwu, known as Ojadili, conveyed his endorsement of the Wake Up brand, urging individuals to incorporate the energy drink into various aspects of their lives.

Nwodo Chinonso Victor, also known as Kola boy, another brand ambassador, praised the Wake Up brand’s unique campaign message that encourages positive awareness and productivity. He emphasized the brand’s impact on mental awareness and its potential to create a culture of positivity and responsibility.

In summary, the endorsement deal and the launch of Wake Up energy drink underscore the commitment to locally made products, economic empowerment, and positive change.

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