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Kwik Introduces On-demand Warehousing and first Fulfillment Centre in Nigeria

Kwik, a fast-growing digital platform for logistics services, has launched KwikShelf, its first on-demand e-commerce warehousing & fulfillment center in Lagos.

KwikShelf, situated in the heart of Lagos at Iddo House, Oyingbo, is a cutting-edge facility spanning 1,125 square meters, set to launch in September. This central and secure location empowers Nigerian merchants to reserve warehousing space whenever needed, streamlining their inventory storage and fulfillment in an economical, adaptable, and efficient manner.

“KwikShelf empowers Nigerian enterprises and merchants to strategically position their swiftly moving inventories in the heart of Lagos, facilitating rapid order deliveries to their customers. Regardless of whether you require a single square meter or a substantial area, be it for a month or a year, KwikShelf offers the flexibility you need to ensure swift product delivery. Plus, it eliminates fixed costs,” announced Romain POIROT-LELLIG, CEO of Kwik.

KwikShelf marks a pioneering initiative that bridges the realms of e-commerce and commercial real estate in Nigeria. The esteemed ownership of Iddo House, A.G. Leventis (Nigeria) Limited, voiced their delight at integrating this transformative project within their commercial real estate portfolio through Seun ONI, CEO of the organization.

KwikShelf’s vision extends to the establishment of up to 20 e-commerce fulfillment centers in prominent Nigerian cities, catering to the surging demand for flexible warehousing and fulfillment solutions nationwide. These fulfillment services harmoniously integrate with Kwik’s award-winning last-mile delivery service.

As the ascendancy of e-commerce in Nigeria unfolds at a steadier pace, online transactions are gradually eclipsing traditional offline exchanges at Kwik. This shift aligns with the escalating costs associated with living and transportation. Amidst this landscape, supply chains are actively seeking operational efficiency, positioning KwikShelf to play a pivotal role, as emphasized by Yinka OLAYANJU, Kwik’s co-founder and COO.

Kwik, founded in 2018 by Romain POIROT-LELLIG, Iyeyinka OLAYANJU, and Olivier DECROCK in Lagos, envisions a comprehensive digital platform for logistical services across Africa. The company facilitates connections between delivery partners and warehouse owners with merchants and businesses, complemented by an array of financial and payment services for its valued customers.

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