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SBI Media group Celebrates a Decade of Innovation, Bravery and Global Impact

SBI Media Group, Africa’s leading global media agency, proudly announces its 10th anniversary of revolutionizing the media landscape.

Established in 2013 under the guidance of forward-thinking entrepreneur Rotimi Bankole, SBI Media Group embarked on a transformative journey that has propelled it from its modest origins to an influential force with a global impact. The agency’s triumphant narrative is rooted in the cornerstones of innovation, courage, and pioneering thinking.

Over the span of the past ten years, SBI Media Group has undergone a remarkable evolution, transitioning from a solo endeavor to a vibrant conglomerate comprising more than four subsidiary entities. Its dynamic team, numbering over 100 experienced marketing professionals, testifies to its growth.

Spanning seven nations across Africa, Europe, and the United States, the agency has consistently reshaped the marketing landscape through its avant-garde strategies and impactful campaigns.

In 2016, SBI Media Group achieved a significant milestone by forming an alliance with Masscom Global, a network of dynamic and imaginative marketing agencies with a focus on emerging markets. This strategic partnership turbocharged the agency’s trajectory of expansion, enabling the realization of its Africa-centered vision on a global stage.

To further consolidate its status as a global contender, SBI Media Group aligned itself with Stagwell Global, a transformative marketing solutions platform with a presence in more than 40 countries worldwide. This strategic affiliation endowed the agency with the tools to reach new echelons of creativity, innovation, and worldwide reach, positioning it as a vanguard in the marketing realm.

Reflecting on this pivotal moment, Rotimi Bankole, the Founder and CEO of SBI Media Group, expressed, “The journey to our first decade in business has been marked by unyielding bravery, diligent labor, and the collaborative efforts of our colleagues, partners, and associates across the globe. This collective positive spirit has sculpted the SBI Media Group that stands today.” He added, “As we gaze into the future, I am confident that the forthcoming decade will witness a fresh generation of leaders utilizing the SBI Media platform to forge remarkable brands and drive positive industry transformation.”

Samuel Odusami, the head of business development and strategy for the group, shared his perspective, stating, “The SBI vision is nothing short of remarkable, a narrative we can take pride in. Working alongside a diverse group of skilled professionals over the past eight years has left an indelible mark on my life, a chapter I will always cherish.”

He went on to express his optimism for the agency’s future, “The future of SBI Media Group appears exceptionally bright because the agency embodies resilience. Regardless of the global or local landscape, the agency’s ability to redefine itself remains intact, propelling it towards global leadership in marketing solutions.”

SBI Media Group’s unwavering commitment to becoming Africa’s premier global agency remains steadfast. Recognized as Nigeria’s largest independent media agency according to RECMA 2021, the agency’s ethos of bravery, thought leadership, and innovation has earned it trust and acclaim from a diverse clientele spanning telecommunications, technology, aviation, automotive, e-commerce, fast-moving consumer goods, financial services, and related sectors.

With a swiftly expanding footprint across six strategic economic hubs—Accra, Johannesburg, Nairobi, Dubai, and London—SBI Media Group is strategically positioned to offer unparalleled media solutions.

The agency’s headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, serve as a hub for over 100 media professionals who specialize in digital transformation, creative and content, media strategy, research, planning, and exchange.

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