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Two 9mobile brand ambassadors hosted a Meet and Greet session

9mobile Brand Ambassadors Engage Staff and Customers

Beauty Tukura and Franklyn Ikemefune, renowned as Samo Agbero, who stand as 9mobile’s appointed brand ambassadors, have recently embarked on an initiative aimed at nurturing robust connections and establishing indelible memories within the 9mobile community. This endeavor involves interactive sessions with both the company’s patrons and its workforce.

These two brand ambassadors orchestrated a ‘Meet and Greet’ event at the E-care center, providing an opportunity for direct interaction with 9mobile’s personnel. Moreover, they took on the role of customer service representatives, engaging directly with the clientele.

Ehimare Omoike, the Director of Customer Care at 9mobile, welcomed the brand ambassadors to the E-care center with fervor. He conveyed his eagerness regarding this initiative, emphasizing, “Within 9mobile, our utmost focus is on our clientele and our workforce. This outlook underscores our unwavering commitment to establishing meaningful bonds with them. We are confident that these exchanges will reinforce our connections and empower us to continually enhance our services and offerings.”

Additionally, the 9mobile brand ambassadors treated their devoted followers and faithful customers to an exclusive movie night, as part of their ongoing commitment to engaging with customers and facilitating open dialogues. This approach serves as a platform for sharing their own encounters and garnering valuable insights and feedback from the patrons.

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