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Vertiv, a global provider of essential digital infrastructure and continuity solutions, today declared the launch of its modern Customer Experience Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa, as well as its African head office.

Wojtek Piorko, the newly appointed managing director for Vertiv Africa, highlights the significance of the formal opening of Vertiv’s South African premises as part of the organization’s “Africa for Africa” initiative, showcasing their commitment to investing in the region.

Piorko explains that Vertiv is placing a strong emphasis on Africa, aiming to expand their network of authorized partners and service providers while prioritizing the needs of local clients. The African head office and the Customer Experience Centre play a crucial role in achieving these goals.

The Customer Experience Centre in Johannesburg offers customers a valuable opportunity to engage with Vertiv’s wide range of critical infrastructure solutions. These solutions cater to applications ranging from the network edge to the cloud. Some notable offerings include:

1. VertiväSmartCabinetä: An intelligent and integrated infrastructure solution that provides a complete cabinet solution suitable for various environments.
2. VertiväLiebertâ EXS: A compact and flexible three-phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS) known for its high-efficiency operation.
3. VertiväLiebertâ EXM2: A highly reliable monolithic UPS designed to deliver industry-leading performance and efficiency of up to 98.8% for mid-size critical applications.

In addition to the physical products showcased at the centre, Vertiv also provides the African customers with an immersive experience using virtual reality (VR) technology. Through the Vertiv Virtual Showroom, users can embark on a unique virtual journey to explore and comprehend Vertiv’s capabilities fully. This virtual experience benefits both newcomers and experienced professionals, enabling them to grasp the entire layout of critical digital infrastructure.

By wearing a headset and using hand controllers, users can navigate the VR environment, interact with equipment, and view animations that highlight the value and key features of Vertiv’s products. The VR experience allows them to visualize the spatial placement of Vertiv’s rack and row solutions as if they were physically present on-site. Additionally, they have the freedom to customize a Vertiv™ VR rack by incorporating servers, power, thermal, and storage devices into the unit.

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