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Konga Dedicates June 15 for Special One-day Sale of Apple Products.

Konga, Nigeria’s leading composite e-commerce giant, has dedicated Thursday, June 15, 2023 as a special day for exclusive deals on Apple products, offering shoppers huge discounts on the latest genuine iPhones, MAC, iPad and various accessories like the iWatch and AirPods for the ongoing Konga Mid-year Shopping Festival which ends on the 30th of June.

The annual Konga Mid-Year Shopping Festival, which was launched last year by the e-Commerce giant, has garnered comparisons to Black Friday in June by Nigerians. The festival features trending products from various manufacturers across different categories, engaging in a competitive price war. Adding to the excitement is the introduction of the innovative KongaNow project, where Konga aims to deliver verified products to customers within one to six hours on the same day of their orders.

Industry experts have expressed that this innovation is unmatched in Africa, particularly considering the persistent challenges of counterfeit products and logistics in the sector. This may explain why the Konga Group has recently invested billions of Naira in acquiring new trucks, medium-sized delivery vans, and over 200 motorbikes. The company has also committed to injecting more funds quarterly as approved by its investors. This ambitious goal of building the largest tech-driven logistics company in Africa deserves recognition, considering the high failure rate of many startups within the first two years of operation.

Mr. Charles Udeozor, the Head of Konga Logistics, emphasized the company’s determination to redefine the logistics sector. He highlighted that Konga has achieved profitability with 85% of its global assets being brand new and properly insured, providing peace of mind to both the company and its customers. Konga’s network of strategically located warehouses and its ability to successfully deliver sensitive equipment for the 2023 Nigeria Census to all 36 states, the FCT, and 340 Local Government Area Headquarters within tight timelines demonstrate their capabilities in overcoming logistical challenges. Udeozor concluded by inviting those seeking hassle-free deliveries to contact Konga Logistics.

As the anticipation grows for the upcoming Special Apple Day on Konga.com, Nigerians are excited about the opportunity to purchase genuine Apple products through an approved channel with local aftersales support.

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