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VigiPay Adopts ThetaRay’s AI Solution to Combat Online Fraud

ThetaRay’s AI solution has been deployed by Nigerian paytech VigiPay to address the dangers of money laundering, sanctions violations, and other financial crimes.

VigiPay will gain access to a transaction monitoring and screening platform that can detect subtle signals of sophisticated money laundering activities thanks to ThetaRay’s SONAR AML solution.

VigiPay will be able to increase transaction volumes and value services for both local and international payments with the new technology while ensuring regulatory compliance and consumer transaction transparency.

ThetaRay, according to VigiPay, is an ideal partner in attaining this fit. With the inclusion of automated transaction screening and monitoring, their efficiency is likely to reach a new all-time high, allowing VigiPay to better serve its customers.

The VigiPay team is dedicated to assisting clients in effortlessly accessing different nations, allowing them to grow their business and excel in today’s competitive climate.

ThetaRay’s SONAR technology is built on a proprietary form of AI, artificial intelligence intuition, which replaces human bias in order to detect anomalies outside of regular behavior, including entirely new typologies.

It enables fintech and banks to use a risk-based strategy to detect truly suspicious behaviour, even across complex, cross-border transaction pathways.

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